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About Us

Estoras Group is a Vancouver-based corporate acquisitions company that works with clients in Canada, the USA, and abroad. Owned by our partners, we rely on the vast experience of our team of professionals to provide our companies with innovative, insightful, and creative long-term solutions to complex corporate and strategic problems.

Estoras Group invests in our companies and takes an interest position to build long-term relationships. At all times our primary interest is our company’s best interests. Our companies are best served by having experienced senior partners intimately involved in specific companies. Our advice is always aligned with our strategic objectives, and not tempered or influenced by conflicting business lines.

Estoras Group comprises a team of experts whose combined knowledge spans a multitude of industries. Ranging from artificial intelligence to luxury travel, with experience in corporate management, recruitment, and technology integration, we have at our disposal a full suite of skills and experience to meaningfully accelerate our partnered companies.

To access our executive profiles, please CONTACT US first to obtain access password.

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