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Porsche SE is a holding company with investments in the areas of mobility and industrial technology. In particular, it holds the majority of the ordinary shares in Volkswagen AG, one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. In addition to the investment in Volkswagen, the Porsche SE Group holds 25 percent plus one share of the ordinary shares in Porsche AG. Furthermore, Porsche SE owns a stake in the PTV Group, as well as non-controlling interests in several technology companies based in the USA, Israel and Germany.

Ownership: Minority position owned by Estoras Group

Invested in since: February 2023

Visit Porsche Holding Web Site

Archive Digital Marketing Agency Inc is a new company created by the consolidation of Archive Digital and Second Gear Agency. The newly created agency delivers full services solutions, digital marketing strategy, SEO, paid media management, marketing automation, user journeys, UI/UX services, creative design, web development, animation & video production, and cloud marketing services.

Ownership: Majority position owned by Estoras Group

Invested in since: July 2019

Visit Archive Digital Web Site

Maple Footprint-logos_edited.jpg

Maple Footprint  is a trusted partner in motorsport vertical, offering a comprehensive range of investment opportunities backed by meticulous research, market expertise, and a commitment to delivering superior returns.  We specialize in identifying and acquiring high-potential properties in the motorsport market, motorsports services and product brands. Our investment philosophy revolves around a commitment to thorough due diligence, rigorous risk assessment, and meticulous financial analysis. 

Invested in: Majority position owned by Estoras Group

Operated since: December 2022

Motor Gear Trader (MGT)is allows motor gearheads and retailers alike to sell and trade their gently used, returned, and repaired gear and equipment. MGT equips enthusiasts with what they need to get into their race karts, jet skis, snowmobiles, ATVs, race cars or motorcycles. MGT is user-friendly, centralized hub for buying and selling motor gear and apparel. We make it easy for people to reuse gear, keep the planet a little cleaner, and save the next generation of gearheads a little cash.

Ownership: Majority position owned by Estoras Group

Invested in since: December 2022

Visit: Motor Gear Trader website


Celularity Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company. The Company is engaged in developing off-the-shelf placental-derived allogeneic cell therapies for the treatment of cancer and immune and infectious diseases. It operates through three business segments: Cell Therapy, Degenerative Disease, and BioBanking. Its therapy product candidates include T cells engineered with a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR), natural killer, cells, mesenchymal-like adherent stromal cells (MLASCs), and exosomes. These therapeutic candidates target indications across cancer, infectious and degenerative diseases.

Ownership: Minority position owned by Estoras Group

Invested in since: August 2023

Visit Celularity Web Site

PM61 is an IT solutions and business transformation company enabling IT and corporate stakeholders to collaborate, analyze, plan, and execute technology solutions, resulting in a better alignment of business and IT.

Ownership: Majority position owned by Estoras Group


Invested in since: September 2016

Visit PM61 Web Site


Progress Tech is a full-service Zoho solutions provider focused on servicing the small-to-medium enterprise segment. As a Zoho Partner, they deploy CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and FI (Financial Intelligence) solutions utilizing Zoho, an integrated cloud-based business operations platform. Services include consultation, implementation, training, and ongoing support.

Ownership: Majority position owned by Estoras Group

Invested in since: March 2018

Visit Progress Tech Web Site

SAMI is a Sales Automation Marketing Intelligence company that provides a cloud-based AI Marketing Automation platform for enterprise clients.

Ownership: Minority position owned by Archive Digital

Invested in since: January 2020

Visit SAMI Web Site


Adventica Luxury Travel is a luxury air charter and travel company offering bespoke adventure packages in some of the world’s most remote locations. Specializing in luxury air travel to exclusive destinations, our one-of-a-kind journeys set the bar for premier and authentic adventure.

Ownership: Majority position owned by Estoras Group

Invested in since: March 2021

Visit Adventica Web Site

For 35 years, Tours of Exploration has been helping customers plan adventure travel experiences around the globe. With a network of partners in Canada, Central & South America, Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific, the agency is devoted to delivering personal and enriching experiences for its customers. From unique air and land safaris to remote resorts our packages are put together to connect you to unparalleled nature, culture, and adventure.

Ownership: Majority position owned by Adventica

Invested in since: March 2023

Visit Adventica Web Site


Fairview Business Resources Inc. is a business solutions consulting agency. Fairview previously specialized in integrated digital marketing and Zoho CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions. Fairview expanded our Progress Tech offerings as a full-service Zoho solutions partner.

Ownership: Assets Acquired by Progress Tech

Opus VC Fund is a venture capital company providing funding, mentorship, and strategic assistance to entrepreneurs with high-potential solutions. Opus VC Fund is focused on further building out a wide diversification across pre-Acquisition and pre-IPO companies with promising future potential for growth & profitability. 


Ownership: Majority position owned by Estoras Group

Invested in since: Jan 2011

Visit Opus Web Site


Second Gear is a marketing and digital solutions company providing services from planning right through to tactical execution and reporting.

Ownership: Merged with Archive Digital 

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company is a biopharmaceutical company. The Company is engaged in the discovery, development, licensing, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and sale of biopharmaceutical products. It offers products for a range of therapeutic classes, which include oncology, immunology, cardiovascular and hematology. Its pharmaceutical products include chemically synthesized or small molecule drugs and products produced from biological processes, called biologics.

Ownership: Minority position owned by Estoras Group

Invested in since: August 2023

Visit BMS Web Site

Illumina, Inc. is a provider of sequencing- and array-based solutions for genetic and genomic analysis. The Company operates through two segments: Core Illumina and GRAIL. Its Core Illumina segment offers products and services that serve customers in the research, clinical and applied markets, and enable the adoption of a variety of genomic solutions. Its GRAIL segment is a healthcare company focused on early detection of multiple cancers.

Ownership: Minority position owned by Estoras Group

Invested in since: August 2023

Visit Illumina Web Site

Tenaya Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company. The Company is focused on discovering, developing, and delivering curative therapies that address the underlying drivers of heart disease. The Company is advancing a pipeline of disease-modifying therapies that includes both gene therapies and small molecules discovered internally and developed using its product platforms and core capabilities to target defined sub-populations of patients with rare or prevalent forms of heart disease.

Ownership: Minority position owned by Estoras Group

Invested in since: August 2023

Visit Tenaya Web Site


Gearbox is a lead generation company serving a variety of industries including Automotive, Insurance & Finance, operating portals including

Ownership: Divested 

Limelight Marketing is a digital marketing and web development company focusing on real estate clients. Established in 2001, Limelight delivered over 650 digital solutions to 580+ clients.

Ownership: Divested


AMD is an online used car market place where dealers and customers alike can auction, buy and sell their vehicles without the need of brick & mortar auction house.

Ownership: Divested 

AMPLUS was a Vancouver-based digital agency that specialized in media and website design, multilingual websites, and custom-built web solutions. AMPLUS distinguished itself by providing performant web servers and ongoing maintenance support for all of our clients. AMPLUS core offerings became the foundation of new Archive Lite services.

Ownership: Merged with Archive Digital 


NexPATH is one of the leading certified Salesforce companies in Vancouver with over 10 years of experience and 200 plus projects in the Salesforce integration and deployment vertical.

Ownership: Divested 

FITZ is a fitness program booking solution based in Vancouver, B.C. providing people with easy access to Vancouver’s top fitness activities with over 80 gyms/studios and 500+ classes.

Ownership: Divested


Receipt Nest is a financial technology company that manages payment receipts for end customers from brick & mortar and online merchants.

Ownership: Merged with Pay4This

Ciao Marketing is a global marketing agency focused on providing localized marketing on platforms for Chinese-Canadian consumers. Ciao has unique experience helping companies expand into China, as well as a wealth of experience helping international companies develop relationships with private distributors within the Chinese and APAC markets.

Ownership: Merged with Archive Digital 


Collective is an online exchange for fractional ownership of crypto mining hardware(MinerBits), utilizing blockchain technology. Our customers can purchase, trade, and sell fractional ownerships in mining rigs called MinerBits, mining a variety of cryptocurrencies; while receiving dividends from their mining operations.

Ownership: Divested 

Bamboom is an all-in-one platform that lets you create beautiful, customizable promotions – from contests and giveaways to banner campaigns to e-mail blasts.


Ownership: Divested 


Pay4this is a financial technology company that offers an omnichannel experience for consumer term credit needs through brick-mortar, online, and mobile channels.

Ownership: Divested

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