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Image by Jonathan Kemper

Our Sponsorships

Estoras Group of Companies partners with local youth athletes to support the next generation of champions!  

At the Estoras group of companies, we believe in investing in the future, and there is no better way to do that than by supporting the next generation of athletes.  We are excited about seeing the impact that our support will have on young athletes in our community.


We believe that with the right support and resources, our athletes can become a role models and inspiration to young kids everywhere. As part of this sponsorship, our athletes receive financial support, equipment, or resources needed to compete worldwide.


Together, we can help create a brighter future for our community.   Please check out some of our recent sponsorships below.



Forrest Riesco

Forrest is a Professional Downhill Mountain Bike Racer  who regularly competes internationally on the World Cup circuit.

About Forrest

Watch Forrest ride!


James Bedard

James Bedard is the 2022 ROTAX CANADIAN MICRO CHAMPION and 2022 BC REGIONAL CADET CHAMPION, which qualified him to represent CANADA at the 2022 GRAND FINAL World Championship in Portugal. 

James Bedard Racing

Watch James Drive!



Marco Kacic

Marco Kacic is a multiple Karting Champion, Formula racer and winner, AMG GT 4 driver,  and Prototype Cup driver.  

Marco Kacic Racing

Watch Marco Drive!


Scuderia Estoras

Scuderia Estoras is a premier go-kart racing team and the exclusive Canadian importer for the highly competitive Comp Kart chassis brand. The team of experienced technical directors and mechanics are committed to providing a thrilling experience for drivers of all ages and levels. Scuderia Estoras supports number of athletes on their kart racing journeys, including 2023 WCKC Vice Champion - Teagan Kleine. 

Scuderia Estoras Web Site

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